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Testimonials from current and past clients....

This note is regarding the personal finance workshop offered by Doug that I had attended few weeks ago. I liked the format of the presentation and the advice was very pragmatic. I have since enrolled in the ‘empoweru’ program offered by Doug. I like his attention to details and his tailored advice related to my needs. I also love his commitment to disseminate personal financial education to the youth. Doug is an excellent coach who strives to enhance the financial health of his clients.”



I enjoyed the workshop and Doug’s approach to the subject matter.  Financial Planning seminars are often geared toward those who are interested in doing some heavy investing or are based on ridiculous figures that I couldn’t even aspire to making, let alone saving.

What I like most about Doug is his “down home” delivery of the subject matter.  He’s been educated in Nova Scotia and shares his information with Nova Scotians in mind.I liked having the opportunity to follow up with him; and, after the last 2 sessions, feel like I have a handle on what I want to do and what I have to do to achieve my goal. What I like best about Doug’s approach is that he doesn’t tell you what you “should” do. He tailors the experience to each client. We are all living different lives and want different things out of financial planning; so, a “one size fits all” approach won’t do.

I have already recommended him to a co-worker of mine and wouldn’t hesitate to do so in the future.

Kim Stewart

I graduated within the last two years with a great degree but lot of debt. I’ve always considered myself somewhat good with money, however, the amount of debt seemed insurmountable and the idea of saving for rainy days out of the question. My bank has always been there to do what I ask, but I realized I didn’t know what to be asking anymore to get to the next level. I just knew money was tight and I’d just hope for the best in the future.

Attending the Wiltshire Financial Management Inc. Financial Health Workshop at Dal was really helpful to get a snapshot my money management skills and discover areas I could improve. I decided to take the four week course to go more in depth and find useful strategies to really impact my finances. I gained tactical strategies to better organize my budget, loans and savings plans. It also provided me with information that enabled me to navigate conversations with my bank ensuring my needs were met, based on the plans we discussed to reach my goals. The course was so valuable and has allowed me wrap my head around how I can get to where I need to be.

I feel confident moving forward with the plans, strategies, and tools Doug’s given me to meet my debt and saving goals. I’m so grateful for the experience; I feel so much more in control of my finances, something I didn’t think possible in my early twenties!

Thank you again for providing the Dal Workshop opportunity and for the opportunity to provide my comments!

Melissa Cooper

As a small business owner, it is difficult to investigate cost savings across a number of services bought by one’s company, it is a time consuming process. Doug Wright was introduced by a friend, and took on the work of investigating all the choices we needed to consider for our group benefits and personal insurance coverage. Not only has our coverage increased, but our costs have come down. Doug continues to check in with updates and opportunities we may want to consider for the future. He is professional and caring, and follows up in a friendly and timely manner. We consider him a part of our team.

Margaret Armour
President, Aerobics First Ltd.

Preparing for retirement can be very daunting, decisions are not to be taken lightly, when looking for an advisor above all else I needed someone I knew I could trust. I have known Doug Wright for 10+ years, I knew of his work ethic and felt we would be a good fit. I was right, Doug always has time and patience for me. He presented me all my options taking the time to be sure I understood each and every option. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone seeking financial advise.

Heather Norris

I would recommend Doug Wright with confidence. Doug is very dedicated to meet the needs of a diverse client base; from new graduates starting on their career paths, to middle life singles and couples to those nearing or in their retirement years. For me personally, Doug has helped guide me along some difficult DECISIONS in regards to my investments, my child’s RESP investments as well as important insurance options now that I am no longer married. His reliability and sincerity in preparing recommendations and investment plans for me to meet important goals of stability, as well as growth for the future, has been outstanding. He has given me creative options and solutions while also respecting my needs to take MY TIME making difficult decisions.

Sylvia Euale

We find Doug to be very knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy
and very pleasant to work with.

Bob & Dorothy Hall

Doug has been my financial advisor for years. His knowledge of wealth management has put me on track to meet my retirement goals. Doug is friendly, outgoing and capable of putting everyone at ease about the complex world of financial investment.

Dan Wambolt

Jennifer and I are very satisfied with the investment products you introduced to us. You respected our level of investment knowledge and presented valuable information that allowed us benefit from a unique investment product. This provides us a feeling of security that our future retirement goals will be achieved.


My dealings with Doug have been totally professional, knowledgeable and direct. I am confident that he always has my best interests in mind.

Doug Strongman

Doug has been my personal advisor for many years. He is confident, trustworthy, knowledgeable and able to assist in many areas to provide sound financial choices and comfort.

Shirley Hall

Doug was able to provide real sound, practical advice on a topic that many of us prefer not to think about.  He did it in such a way that made decisions easy for us and the process very enlightening.

Jeremy Jackson and Paula Tiller

As a financial professional with 35 years’ experience I took on all of the household investment decisions myself.  However it was prudent, from a succession perspective, to engage my wife with a financial advisor that I felt comfortable with.  I knew Doug professionally and felt he would be the right individual to bring onside for that very objective.  He has not disappointed.

Darrell and Marion Evasuk

I have been dealing with Doug Wright of Wiltshire Financial, for about six years now.  I have found Doug to be very knowledgeable in financial investments.  He would be my first choice in consultants, if & when I need that service in the future.

 Gail Brooks

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