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empower u, Money Management Support.

Financial wellness makes the difference

Financial wellness plays an important issue in our lives. We support individuals with a low cost, financial wellness system called, empower u, Money Management that greatly enhances your current finances.

In the day-to-day rigors of life, financial stress caused by overspending or simply not paying attention to cash flow can lead to financial roadblocks, hardships and increased stress levels. It’s a heavy toll that individuals, as well as families young and old, know all too well. That’s why we at Wiltshire Financial have created empower u.

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“empower u has been a great support. LOVE IT!” -Juliette

“Understanding how money comes in and out of your life can be puzzling, but understanding how to keep more of that money in your pocket should not be puzzling at all.” ~ Doug Wright, President and Financial Planner, Wiltshire Financial

Based around successful supportive systems like Weight Watchers, the empower u System, with its proven success rate and dynamics, is with you every step of the way; offering professional financial guidance, unmatched support and the motivation to keep you on track. Essentially, whether it is weight management or running a marathon, good coaching is what makes the difference. Few of us can do it on our own.

“Accountability is the key. empower u gives you this and more.” – Donna

Financial wellness can be supported here with coaching. Through a 60 day challenge, an individual works one on one with us, or if you prefer, in an online setting. They will learn how to identify, break, and even curb long-term spending habits, establish realistic savings targets and ultimately, learn how to save money – something that is not easily done these days.

(Discounts will be offered based on volume of registered participants.)

Useful Documents:
Ten Fundamentals
Financial Health Assesment
Retirement Investment Strategies

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