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An Important Habit of Financially Successful People

A powerful habit of successful self-employed or those running the #familyfinances is staying organized with their investments and other assets. It is truly beneficial to track over time. Wouldn’t it feel great to have this in an easy to use spreadsheet? Many Canadians are not great at keeping finances organized and up to date, let alone keeping a decent filing system. Your financial planner could be offering to maintain this for you. When something happens to us like a serious illness or death, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that someone could easily determine your financial situation without much effort?

In addition to investment values, other assets and debts as well as life insurance and estate planning items could be tracked. Spreadsheets are an organized method that you could be utilizing now. For those still working, it would be nice to see your networth going up, not down. For those in retirement, it would be nice to have a history of your financial affairs for you and for someone like an executor, power of attorney or a surviving spouse.