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Your health is more important than any financial plan. It needs to be part of your overall planning process. We can plan for financial emergencies but what about health emergencies, epecially costly ones?

Risk management is essential for financial longevity. As a financial planner specializing in retirement and estate planning, I consider myself a “holistic” planner. Diversifying investments is important especially during downturns and so is protecting your income in a serious health downturn. I want clients to have fewer surprises in retirement so there is less financial worry when an accident, serious illness or even death occurs because you have mitigated risk.

In my new book, now available in print, titled, “Transitions, A Retirement Playbook,” I discuss various important components of retirement planning such as health care planning. This is one of the parts that should not be avoided. What will you do for a health plan in retirement? What if you don’t get approved when you need one? The cost of healthcare can be catastrophic for families. How do you plan to confirm a good health plan once you retire and/or leave your familiar employer’s group health plan? Fortunately, there is a low-cost solution that will guarantee access to a strong health insurance plan in the future. It is called Assured Access by Medavie Blue Cross. It is low cost, approximately $30 monthly for a couple and will guarantee you a health plan in the future regardless if you are unhealthy!
Can you imagine if you went to apply for an individual health plan and were denied or offered a sub-standard plan due to future health problems? It happens to Canadians and are they shocked! As long as you are currently part of an employer group health plan now, you can apply for Assured Access and be on the road to a stronger retirement plan with fewer risks and stress.
Some proactive health considerations are:
• Ongoing health education
• Healthcare advocate can be impactful to help navigate the healthcare system
• Non-traditional diagnosis from naturalpaths and other holistic practioners
• Read over the new food guide just out

Just as you want solid home insurance policy or insurance for your car, you need the same for yourself.