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Kickstart Your Fall

Fall brings on new expenses especially. Don’t wait until January 1st for useless new year’s resolutions. Now is the time to “kickstart” your financial plan. You can schedule a complimentary meeting to see how this is going to make a difference to your money plans.

Fall is the season of large expenses that hurts the budget
Don’t put off your real priorities that make a big difference
You work too hard to let your plans fall into jeopardy
Discover the methodical plan of action to cut financial stress this Fall and boost your long term retirement plans as well

John’s Story

A long time business owner client of mine, John (named changed) one of the highest paid people I know, recently came to me fully exasperated. He had an untimely tax assessment with a huge bill plus a couple of other unexpected expenses like a well over-budgeted summer project. He was frustrated with working so hard, often 12+ hour days, making lots of money but unaware where all of it was going each month. He wanted my help to audit their monthly spending and make some changes that would have a positive impact on both short term spending and long term saving. Together, we scrutinized the family spending and made some interesting changes. We were able to cut about $1500/month without affecting lifestyle too much. For now, that money is being re-routed into the TFSA. John and his wife feel much better!

High income Canadians are often caught up in the “hamster wheel trap” making good incomes but big expenses. Research reveals that happy people are those that live below their means and minimize their life not complicate it. Our new Kickstart Your Fall Plan will make a difference. It is based on review of the following fundamentals, starting with a good look at cash management:

You can book a complimentary meeting, either short or longer to review this process and cut the financial stress in the short term and kick off your long term retirement planning! Email me or call 902-404-8410 to schedule a time to get together in the next couple of weeks.

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